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2014 Catalog


Download our Catalog


Download our entire catalog in pdf format. The file requires that Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your computer, which you can get, free here: http://www.adobe.com.


   Download Entire Catalog Now (22.6 MB)


Or download the Pond Pro Shop Catalog by section:


   Pond Liners and Liner Accessories (872 KB)
   Pond and Waterfall Kits and Components (2.37 MB)
   Filters and Filter Media (1.68 MB)
   Pond Pumps (2.08 MB)
   UV Clarifiers and Serilizers (937 KB)
   Pond Skimmers (970 KB)
   Air Pumps (940 KB)
   Lake Management (1.4 MB)
   Display Fountains, Nozzles & Spitters (965 KB)
   Pond Lighting (2.62 MB)
   Pond Maintenance (1.09 MB)
   Pond De-Icers & Pond Netting (868 KB) )
   Algae Treatments and Pond Chemicals (1.22 MB)
   Fish and Plant Food/Medications (1.33 MB)
   Pond Water Test Kits (845 KB)
   Discharge Kits, Auto-Fill Kits and Cut-Off Switches (1.18 MB)
   Valves and Connectors (962 KB)
   Tubing and Hose Clamps (663 KB)
   Pond Construction (854 KB)
   Fittings (0.99 KB)
   Reference Material (2.48 MB)




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